How to know a true and real woman, 13 undisputed facts

It takes humility to set her as your standard and it takes
consistency to attain her heights. You have grace to be her
because you were made to be like her and more.

1. She subscribes to God’s word as the ultimate standard that
should guide her conduct and shapes her person in marriage.

2. She is more beautiful as a person through her character than
she is by her dressing or her looks.

3. She understands that ‘It is not good for man to be alone’
She is available to her husband and does not render him ‘alone’ for
any reason even when she is angry. She is an ever present help.

4. She helps her man: not waiting to be called in or begged for it,
she knows her default role is to aid, enable and assist who and all
he should become.

5. She doesn’t say or do things that can tear/break her union or
damage her home; she is a wise woman who builds her home.

6. She understands that her husband is the final authority of her
home. She knows this is not self acclaimed but God ordained.

7. She understands that submission is not agreement, but the
humble act of accepting what you do not necessarily think is the
way. Even when she differs in opinion from her husband, she goes
to God who is His Boss and not tear down the home fighting his
authority. She persuades him with her views and not command

8. She prays for her husband and children more than they can pray
for themselves. She upholds them in the Spirit and enables them
by the hand of God.

9. She provides for her home. Yes, it is not a burden cast on her
but one which she willingly takes on, she is productive.

10. She strategically approaches her husband. She doesn’t
manipulate him in the evil sense but studies and understands how
to get the best of him.

11. She leads by influence not by force. She rocks the head that
wears the crown with her intelligence, comfort and tact.

12. She satisfies her husband with her body. She watches,
preserves and keeps it prime for his enjoyment.

13. She is the peaceful atmosphere he comes into at all times.


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