2023: ‘Jonathan Will Give Tinubu A Good Run For APC Presidential Ticket’ — Sokoto Rep

Hon. Musa Sarkin Adar, a member of the House of Representatives, has speculated on what would happen to Bola Tinubu, the party’s National Leader, if former President Goodluck Jonathan decides to join the APC.

Jonathan would give Tinubu a strong run for the APC presidential nomination if he joins the party, according to Adar, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Sokoto State.

Tinubu, though, has a greater chance of winning the APC ticket because the party has a majority in the Southwest, according to the APC chieftain.

Adar remarked on Arise Television that the region where the APC has a majority has a higher chance of winning the presidential nomination.

He said: “The odds first favour the southwest which had populated the APC because five states are under the leadership of the APC. The South-South has Cross River state and the South East has Imo and Ebonyi.

“Any zone wishing to clinch the presidential ticket should go back to the drawing line and restrategize.

“You don’t expect when the majority of you are in the other party and you are thinking of getting the presidential candidacy of the political party simply because you are making agitations.

“My take is that Tinubu still remains the frontline presidential aspirant of the APC from the South generally.

“Then, of course if President Jonathan joins the APC, he is going to give Tinubu a good fight.”

There are speculations that Jonathan may defect to the APC and possibly clinch the party’s presidential ticket.

Reacting, APC had said the former president would be welcomed into its fold if he decides to defect.

Amid these claims, Jonathan has remained silent.

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