Bandits Bring Home Abducted Niger Traditional Ruler

Dr. Mahmud Ahmed Aliyu, the liberated Dodo of Wawa Community in Borgu Kingdom, Borgu Local Government Area of Niger State, was allegedly returned to his palace by people who kidnapped him last Saturday.

It was also discovered that his kidnapping was motivated by his strong resistance to criminal activities carried out by bandits in his neighborhood.

At 8:30 p.m. yesterday, the district head was transported back on three motorcycles, each carrying two people, including the victim.

Our correspondent learned that the shooters sneaked him in during a power outage, dumped him near the palace, and then flew away.

Dr. Aliyu was kidnapped by bandits last Saturday night at 10 p.m., as previously reported.

When contacted, the Wallin Wawa, Alh, Bala Galla, a traditional title holder, said he was in his home at 8:30 p.m. yesterday night when he heard jubilations from the people near the palace and rushed outside.

He added that when he stepped outside, he noticed the royal father dancing and singing among the crowd.

According to him, “after lshai prayers, I went straight home and exactly at 8:30 pm, I heard noise, on rushing out, I saw the Dodo in the midst of people dancing and singing close to his palace. They were all happy on his release”.

On how he was released, Galla stated, “the Dodo said they brought him on three bikes carrying a passenger each and because, they were aware that there was no light in the community as at that time, they rode close to the palace dropped him and immediately zoomed away”.

The Wallin Wawa also explained that the traditional ruler told his subjects that he was not tortured by his abductors, but was accorded reasonable treatment.

However, efforts to get the reaction of the Dodo failed as calls put to his phone were not connecting.

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