Buhari Has Recovered N1trn Stolen Funds, Assets In 6 Years – APC Group

Since President Buhari took office in 2015, the Federal Government has recovered over N1 trillion in stolen monies and properties, according to the All Progressives Congress APC Legacy Awareness and Campaign, a non-profit think tank of the ruling party.

In a statement released Friday in Abuja, the organization stated that the Buhari administration has made the recovery and return of stolen assets belonging to Nigerians a top priority.

“One of the first things the President did upon assumption of office was the establishment of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), which has helped expand technical capacity within Nigeria’s anti-corruption agencies, as well as within the Judiciary.

“Since the President assumed office in 2015, close to a Trillion Naira worth of stolen funds and assets have been recovered in all. All final forfeitures are being deployed for use in the Government’s special Infrastructure and Social Investment Programmes, or put into the annual Budget”, the group stated.

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