I Was Broke Living In My Mum’s House At 30 – Jason Njoku


Jason Njoku

Founder of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku, has shared some words of inspiration on social media.

According to the entertainment entrepreneur, there is a lot of unnecessary pressure on youths less than 30 years old to succeed.

The husband of actress and filmmaker Mary Remmy Njoku revealed how at the age of 30, he was broke and living with his mother.

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Taking to his Twitter account, he wrote:

The pressure for <30yo to succeed these days is so strange. So unnecessary. At 30 I was dead broke living at my mum’s house. No girlfriend & zero assets. Just me, my 2nd hand desktop & @irokotv 10 failures to my name but man did I enjoy those early years in the world. Enjoy sha.”

Jason Njoku’s post

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