“You can’t shame me, I’ve been living with HIV for 17 years” — Activist, Bisi Alimi

Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has told online trolls that they can’t get him ashamed because of his HIV-positive status, as he has gone past that level.

Bisi Alimi took to his Instagram stories to pass across this information to trolls who regularly try to shame people on social media, because of their health condition or otherwise.

According to him, people who are intending to shame him for being HIV positive have to “really look for another material”.

Bisi Alimi wrote on his Instagram page;

“I have been living with HIV for 17yrs. So forget it, you can’t shame me with HIV.

I even chose to announce to the world that I have HIV. You have to really look for another material”

See his post below:

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