Man gets blocked for not ‘checking up’ on stranger after helping her with over N100K for surgery

Young man expresses shock after getting blocked by a lady whom he supported with hundreds of thousands for a medical procedure.

According to a Twitter user identified as @Papariri9 who once supported a random user on the microblogging platform with a substantial amount of money for a surgery ended up getting blocked after some days for not checking up on his benefactor.

In his words;

“Lemme drop this gist.
A follower begged for financial assistance for her surgery. I gave her hundreds of thousands. She had a successful surgery. I wondered why she hasn’t called me for days, call to check on her but her no wasn’t going. Went online to realize have been blocked.
Called with another no & asked why I was blocked. Guess what she said; “You didn’t check up on me before and after my surgery. Do you think everything is about money? You’re too proud and pompous”. She even hung up on me. I was in awe for mins. She’s still begging for 2k on d TL.”

"You didn't check up on me" - Man gets blocked by stranger after helping her with over N100K

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