#BBNaija: New beef brewing, as Liqourose eavesdrops on Beatrice and Angel’s conversation » YNaija

If there is one thing this season of the Big Brother Naija show has no shortage of, its gossip. It would seem like everywhere the camera pans in, someone is whispering something about someone. And it would seem like everyone has an opinion about everyone. To be fair though, this sort of behavior is crucial for a show like Big Brother Naija, as gossip is the wheel that keeps the controversy coming. Regardless, this season has taken it up a notch, and there is literally just a handful of people in the House, who keep other people’s business out of their mouths.

Last night, once the lights went off, Angel and Beatrice decided to buddy up, as they went under the duvet to enjoy a good old gossip session, their choice of topic: Liqourose. But, before they got to Liquorose, they talked about how they needed to spice things up, by going for guys they like. Beatrice said her eyes are on Pere.

After that, the conversation shifted to Emmanuel and Liquorose, and for some reason, Beatrice seemed to think that Emmanuel is being forced into a relation with Liquorose. Beatrice explained to Angel that she thinks Pere and Sammie are the ones pushing for Emmanuel to consider Liquorose for a relationship.

Just then, Liqourose who was in the room when both ladies were talking about her, got up, walked out the room and slammed the door. At this point both Beatrice and Angel realized that she must have over heard them.

Liqourose who was clearly upset, went to the dressing room where she began telling the subjects of the gossip, Emmanuel, Pere and Sammie, about what she had heard from both ladies. She even noted that she may get violent if Beatrice and Angel kept talking about her.

It’s hard to see this one dying down. So far this season’s Housemates have been reluctant to truly get into any squabble. Things that upset them are quickly swept under the rug, and everyone just goes back to relaxing, and taking it easy. But with Liquorose, hearing what was being said about her from the horse’s mouth, it may be difficult or rather impossible for her to just let this one slide.

This incident has the makings of something that will linger even when the show is over, and even before that, it could be something that could implode. Liquorose just has to keep her head down and focus on the game, lest she losses her temper and keeps to her promise of violence, and if that happens, her time on the show will be up. Infuriating fellow contestants is a part of the game, so Liqourose has to play by the rules of the game, and not by what she is used to.

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