Herdsman impregnated my wife, vows to take my life, Nasarawa farmer cries out from hiding

Lorver Angbir, a 48-year-old farmer from Tse-Nyamsho village in Keana Local Government Area, Nasarawa State has gone into hiding following the threat to his life by a herdsman who had impregnated his wife. Angbir said his sin was that both his wife, Mwuese, and the baby she had from the pregnancy died during labour and the herdsman, who he identified as Alhaji Abu, concluded that he (Angbir) was responsible for the death of Mwuese and the newborn baby because he was not happy that she was impregnated by another man.

Speaking from hiding in an interview with our correspondent, Angbir said he regretted the day he met Mwuese with whom he was married for eight years before she was taken over by another man in a manner he considered humiliating while Mwuese appeared to enjoy every bit of the ugly development.

Angbir, who has since taken refuge in another village, said: “My wife slept with a Fulani man with whom we had lived as brothers in the same village for years. She got pregnant for him and told me to my face that he was responsible for her pregnancy.

“It shocked me when, from nowhere, Alhaji Abu started coming into my wife’s room and ordered me out of the house.

“He said I should look for somewhere else to sleep because he had taken over my wife, threatening to slaughter me like a ram if I dared raise any alarm over the matter.

“He was always coming with a gun and other weapons.

“Right in my house and on top of my bed almost every night, he would come and sleep with my wife. And, to my surprise, she seemed not to have any issue with it.

“This ugly development continued for almost one year before she took in.

“We were married for about eight years and I loved her very well.

“I suspect that he used a charm on my wife, because he took over my wife completely, giving things to her while my wife too was taking food to him right in my presence.

“I kept quiet because he threatened to eliminate me if I did anything funny.”

Angbir recalled how he had spent the entire income from his farm about eight years ago to marry Mwuese, saying: “We had lived happily together without any issue. l loved her so much that because of the bad terrain of our area, I did not want her to suffer, so I engaged her with selling provisions while I went to the farm alone.

“Then from nowhere, Alhaji started sleeping with her. Within a short time, he completely took over my wife from me, sleeping with her in my own room and threatening to kill me if I raised any alarm.

“This continued until my wife became pregnant. I have not been able to have sex with my wife since their illicit affair began.

“When she was about to be delivered of a baby and she died in the process, Alhaji Abu felt I deliberately killed her so that she would not deliver the baby. So he vowed to slaughter me like a ram once he set his eyes on me. That is why I had to run for my dear life.

“This was in May, and up till now, I have not gone to my village.

“If not for some Fulani herdsmen who stood by me in the village, I would be dead by now.”

Angbir is now forced to live like a fugitive who cannot visit his community for fear of being killed by Alhaji Abu, who he said has vowed to eliminate him.

He is also a victim of emotional and psychological trauma which he said he has suffered from his wife’s alleged infidelity and betrayal while they were still married.

The couple was living together at Tse-nyamsho, a community in Keana Local Government Area, Nasarawa State.

Angbir, it was learnt, is a full time farmer who loved his now estranged wife so much that he raised some money for her to start selling provisions in the village and did not bother her with farm work.

Six years after their marriage, however, he began to notice that the 51-year-old herdsman was in an affair with his wife.

According to one of Angbir’s relations, who identified himself simply as Mr Agba, his bid for financial stability, which often took him away from home to the farm from early morning to the late hours, leaving his wife behind created the crack in his marriage.

The following conversation ensued between Angbir and our correspondent from the former’s hideout in a community in the suburb of Lafia, Nasarawa State capital:

What is your name?

My name is Lorver Angbir from Tse-nyamsho village in Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

Why are you here when it is farming season and you are supposed to be in your village?

We live among the Fulani in my area. For so many years, we had lived among them without any issue until the last two years when a close friend, Alhaji Abu came to my house at about 11:30 pm one night and asked me to look for somewhere else to sleep as he was going to pass the night with my wife. It sound strange to me and I asked him why. He said he had taken over my wife and that if I refused or tell anyone about it, he would kill me. He brought out a short gun and warned me again not to disclose it to anyone.


That was how the man took over my wife and kept threatening to kill me he heard it from anybody. He also warned me never to sleep with my wife again or demand sex from her even in the nights he did not come.

Surprisingly, one fateful night when Abu did not come, I tried to make advances to her but she bluntly refused to allow me sleep with her and even threatened to tell Alhaji Abu about it. I was very shocked. She told me to my face that Abu had taken over, and that henceforth, she could cook for me and perform other house chores as a wife, but sex was ruled out. Soon, she became pregnant and so many people thought I was responsible for it, but Alhaji Abu told me to my face that the unborn baby belonged to him and that if anything happened to the pregnancy, he would hold me responsible. I was not comfortable with what was happening, so I tried to complain to her parents. But Alhaji Abu bought them over and there was little they could do, so I resigned to fate and allowed the sleeping dog to lie. I concentrated on my farm work while Abu took charge of my wife. He would give her money, chickens and other gifts.

We live in a remote area where there is no clinic nearby. So when she went into labour, my younger sisters were there with her in the village while Alhaji Abu also sent two of his daughters and his first wife to be with her. She was in labour for a whole day and when she couldn’t deliver, Alhaji Abu arranged a motorcycle to take her to Gizer, the nearest clinic. In the process she delivered a baby boy who came out dead. Two hours later, she also died.

When this happened, Abu suspected that I had a hand in the death of the woman, and I ask how. One week after this incident, I was fast asleep in the night when he came to my house and threatened to kill me with a gun. It took the intervention of some Fulani herdsmen around to save my life. I ran out of the area because he is serious about eliminating me as he accused me of being behind the death of my wife who was carrying his baby. I am hiding here for safety.

It is farming season, but I cannot go back to my area because the man is threatening my life that I was behind the death of my wife whereas I don’t know anything about it.

What about your relatives?

My younger ones are still there in the area. In fact, they arranged for the burial in my absence. Alhaji Abu said he had no business or issue with my family members except me. He believes that I deliberately killed my wife because she was carrying his baby. All my explanation has fallen on deaf ear.

Have you reported the matter to the police?

I am afraid my family members may be put to danger if I report the matter or the threat to my life to the police and an arrest is made. That is my challenge.

But did you actually kill your wife or do anything to her during her labour?

My brother, how would I do that? I was actually pained that somebody took over my lovely wife who I suffered to marry, but I can’t take her life because she betrayed me. She might have died because of complications from the long labour she underwent. To say I killed her, it is not true. I didn’t do anything to her. She died naturally.

Do you know that my in-laws too believe that I must have killed her because they are not happy with me? But God knows I didn’t do anything to her, and my conscience is clear.

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