Sunday Igboho Has ‘Some Levels Of Protection’ From Germany – Lawyer

Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, is represented by Olasupo Ojo, who has revealed that his client is entitled to some kind of protection from Germany.

In an interview with PUNCH Online’s The Roundtable, Ojo revealed that Igboho is legally recognized as the spouse of a German citizen, Ropo, and that Germany provides him with “certain kinds of security.”

“Germany has no objections to him visiting the country. On his trip to Germany, he was detained. Germany will go to any length to protect its citizens’ lives. He is entitled to some legal protection because he is married to a citizen and has a residency permit.

“They won’t want his rights to be tampered with. Germany has not denied that he is a resident. There is no problem with Germany at all on this,” he said.

Ojo, who is the Coordinator of Legal Affairs, Yoruba Self-Determination Movement Worldwide, also dismissed reports that Nigeria may sanction Benin for refusing to extradite Igboho.

According to the legal practitioner, Germany and France would not allow such sanction hold.

The lawyer stated that France as a world power would protect the sovereignty of its colonised region (Benin) against external influence, including from Nigeria.

When asked about a letter supposedly written to Benin Republic requesting Igboho’s extradition, the lawyer said, “I am not aware of any letter. Assuming that the letter came from the Federal Government of Nigeria, what we insist on is that that they should do everything according to law.

“It is illegal and against international law to sanction Benin because of Igboho. Francophone countries comply with the rule of law. Also, Benin Republic is colonised by France. France is a superpower, Nigeria is not. So, how will that happen? I believe that they (Nigeria) know, they are wiser than that (threatening to impose sanctions).”

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