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According to gobitcoin, approximately six financially progressing African countries have been observed to deal with cryptocurrency at the present time. From Kenya, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe too many other small African regions, cryptocurrency has shown a steady yet winning growth in Africa.

Being a decentralized distributed ledger that is free from geographical boundaries, cryptocurrency has caused a tremendous innovation in the financial position of the continent. In a mere blink of an eye, Africa has incredibly progressed towards cryptocurrency dealing, trading, and mining-all along battling with its horrendous economic crises.

However, it is not as easy to buy cryptocurrency in Africa as it was before but that doesn’t deny the fact that Africa still tops as the highly successful and crypto-rich countries. To deal with the chaotic cryptocurrency situation in the country, the young-tech savvy Africans have found effective ways like Bitiq site to buy cryptocurrency at the best prices possible. Some of them are:

For the last many years, Etoro has been dedicatedly serving as a crypto trading and crypto exchange service mainly in South Africa. While understanding the high volatility, unregulated principles, and risk subjections associated with cryptocurrency in Africa, Etoro aims to offer you a smooth experience with crypto exchange.

It deals with bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Z cash, Tether, XRP, and many other crypto coins through a smooth and easy-to-use interface. With offering unique incentives like a copy trading feature, it accepts safe payments through PayPal, Neteller, SEPA, etc.

Here comes your most popular cryptocurrency exchange in Africa with exchanges bitcoin at the lowest fees. It also offers payments through Credit & Debit cards and feasible platforms like PayPal, SOFORT, Skrill, Giropay, eps, etc. This helpful service basically acts like a bitcoin broker operating in Africa and walks you through the whole process of buying cryptocurrency in Africa easily. With high speed, low fees, and high reputation, Bitpanda is your ideal go-to crypto exchange in Africa even with small capitals.

It is probably the first crypto exchange to choose on hearing safety, reliability, and affordability in one place. Coinmama has a remarkable reputation for operating crypto exchange services in all the crypto-rich countries of Africa, especially Nigeria. You might feel Coinmama is a bit high-priced with charging fees between 4.9%-5.9% depending on the fluctuating volume of your cryptocurrency. It also operates in neighboring parts of Africa with easy yet credible payment methods like SEPA, credit card, and debit card.

Paybis is one of those very rare cryptocurrency exchanges that serve in all the six highest crypto-rich countries based in Africa. It is also registered with FinCen, making it a credible and protecting crypto exchange with features like 5 minute ID verification and more. Paybis has a unique approach towards its customer by offering high limits, super-fast payouts, and 24/7 live customer support.

Luno has done wonders in cryptocurrency exchanges within a very short span. Along with operating in numerous crypto- rich regions, Luno specifically supports crypto exchange services in Africa. It supports numerous payment methods but prefers its private Luno bank transfer method to ensure protection and safety with the payments. It is your only trusted cryptocurrency exchange to avail within the solace of your home.


Today, Africa has the largest cryptocurrency portfolio and a renowned name in trading between the biggest globally accepted cryptocurrencies. From the trillion dollars successful bitcoin to increasingly progressing Ethereum, Ripple. Litecoin, XRP, Misk, Monero, Africans have nearly excelled from using their local naira. To sum up, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that Africa has stolen the spotlight for numerous other successful crypto markets

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