Phaemous navigates attraction and desire in new single ‘Girl in Garden’

With his debut EP Phaeway Vol. 1 released earlier this year, emerging Abuja-based singer Phaemous showed an inclination towards blending genres. Coasting through with a digital warping of his voice, Phaemous disrupts the boundaries around sounds, resulting in a seamless experimental fusion.

In his latest single, Girl in Garden, the singer combines minamalist RnB, a dollop of soca rhythms, and Afrobeats, with lyrics wrapped around the fabled Biblical story about Eve tempting Adam to eat from the forbidden fruit. Phamous illustrates his attraction for the woman in his song with this account.

You might be the devil / you might be the devil ohhh,” Phaemous sings, ”She told me have a taste / body wrapped in leaves.”

Also, it brings to mind the utility of the femme fatale trope in popular culture, a category of women with enchanting beauty but with sinister intentions towards men.

Listen to Girl in Garden below:

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