#NigerianIdol: Is ‘fan love’ potent enough to win Beyoncé the prize? — Nairalovers

During Sunday’s episode of Nigerian Idol, the contestants for this season were hit with the hard reality that their fate on the show rests in the hands of fans whose decisions may not be the most informed.

This means that talent must be complemented with character, as fans of the show are not necessarily going to love the most talented person, but one they can relate to.

This idea is more daunting, considering that almost all the contestants in this phase are talented. Guys like Kingdom, (during last week’s episode), Faith, and Emmanuel (on this week’s episode), got into the hearts of the fans based on their performances alone. There are contestants whose talent (alone) may not be able to carry them, and those who may garner fans that simply love them regardless of whatever performance they put up.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, 16-year old Beyoncé is one contestant this season, who continues to get by, based on the sentiments of fans towards her. The 16-year-old appears to be the most lovable character on the show.

Perhaps, the fans who have gravitated towards her, did so on the basis of her talent, or because they took a liking to her. One thing is certain all the same, and that is the fact that not a week goes by since the show began, that fans are not in conflict over the singer.

There are those who think she is underserving of the top 9 spot:

And others who absolutely adore her, regardless of what anyone else might feel.

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