How Baba Ijesha assaulted my daughter, by comedienne Princess — Nairalovers

By Precious Igbonwelundu

Comedian Princess Damilola Adekoya has narrated how actor Olarenwaju James Omiyinka (Baba Ijesha) allegedly assaulted her daughter sexually seven years-ago.

Adekoya, in an emotional video posted on social media, explained that the actor assaulted the girl twice and not for seven years as police earlier claimed.

A statement released on her behalf by a child’s right group, Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation detailed what transpired and how the comedian’s daughter has remained shattered since then.

In the statement signed by Dr. Yolanda George-David, Princess Adekoya said the first time the actor committed the alleged offence was within four minutes interval, when Princess left him upstairs to open her gate for a visiting aunt that came to console her following the collapse of her marriage.

It said Omiyinka also came the following day and asked the minor to follow him to the car to get fruits for the family, an opportunity he used to further sexually assault the child with his car keys.

The comedian said the matter only came to light on Friday, April 16.

She said, “Truly, he defiled her in my sitting room years ago when I went downstairs to lock the gate after my aunt who had come to console me on the collapse of my marriage and loss of a baby.

“He came the next day to make sure she had kept quiet. When he was leaving he asked her to follow him to the car to pick fruits for everyone, that was when he used his car key to sexually assault her again. After those two occasions, he completely avoided coming to my place but called anytime he was in need.”

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