Nigerians to FG: suspend NIN registration ‘temporarily’

By Alao Abiodun

Nigerians have asked the federal government to suspend the National Identification Number (NIN) enrollment temporarily considering the large crowds seeking registration in centres across Nigeria and the risk of COVID-19.

Nairalovers had reported how many Nigerians have continued to besiege various NIMC offices across the nation to register for their NINs.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had directed that subscribers link their mobile numbers to their NINs or they would be blocked after January 18.

Reacting to Nairalovers’s social media posts especially on Twitter and Facebook, concerning the crowd at the NIMC Ikeja centre which gathered overwhelming engagements, they expressed displeasure over the federal government’s insistence for registration, warning that its continuity would aggravate coronavirus infection in the country.

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that the registration process must be suspended due to the raging COVID-19 infection.

Abiodun Aruleba said: “This is disastrous, opening thousands of branches all over the country like post offices, ministries, mobile services provider centres, private sector agencies. Local councils. Will relieve the pressure in the Country. This is what they should have planned for long time”

Chenemi said: “@NCDCgov whatever happened to social distancing, staying safe? Or is COVID afraid of the crowds at the NIN offices? This is one of the fastest ways to spread the virus. Massive community transmission. Kindly advise”

Prof Augustine Akhidime said: “This is why many refer to Nigeria as an unserious country of contradictions. This raises the question as to whether the FGN campaign to curb Covid-19 spread is rarely a sincere one?!!!”

Olu Raphael said: “Very soon one PTF will come on national TV and keep saying that it’s Church and school that cause the increase in the number of cases …. Please is this school or church now? Make Good public policy rather all these blaming games”

Olaitan said: “FG should suspend or postpone this NIN registration and other forms of mass gathering or assembly immediately unless the government is ready to handle the surge of covid-19 infection. I hope you won’t wait until people start dropping dead before you take action.”

Obetta A.S said, “All the arms of the govt are not in sync. While one is fighting Covid-19, the other is reinforcing the spread.”

Slim Amasiani said: “This is the height of irresponsibility on the side of Nigerian Government. Are they aware we are fighting a pandemic for crying out loud?. OMG!”

Sampson said: “Will someone advise this government to shelve the idea of registration until the pandemic is over? Where is the PTF? Is this not of concern to them?”

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