2023: Vote Out Bad Governance, Atiku Tells Nigerian Workers

2023: Vote Out Bad Governance, Atiku Tells Nigerian Workers

On Sunday, former Vice President Atiku urged workers throughout the country to unite by channeling their concerns toward voting out governance in both the federal and state elections next .

In a statement released on Sunday and published on Twitter in honor of International Workers’ Day 2022, Atiku urged workers to show their determination to improve their circumstances by voting out bad governance in the 2023 elections.

While complimenting workers’ perseverance and determination in the face of a slew of -made obstacles, the presidential candidate pledged that if elected in 2023, he will improve working conditions and generate job chances for the country’s .

The statement read, “Dear Nigerian workers, I will like you to know that I feel your unbearable and pang of hunger, hyperinflation, mass unemployment and challenges you encounter in your lives.

“But I want to assure you that there’s from this socio- slope if we remain committed to the process to enthrone One with One Future and One Country for the of all.

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“Nigerian workers at all levels and all sectors – federal, state, governments, and private sector – may do well to adopt a new approach to industrial relations and dispute resolution by pursuing labour-friendly and positions that will improved national productivity, better working conditions for workers, particularly low-income staff and workers who have suffered so much anguish and in their daily working lives and living.

‘I wish to let Nigerian workers know that I feel their and would do the utmost to better their lots if given an to lead the country.

“I am concerned that salaries have remained static, food scarcity and abound everywhere, children are out of school due to no fault of yours, farmers can no longer go to the farm for fear of bandits, cannot commute freely without being abducted, no energy to power industries and companies are shutting down geometrically; all conspired as a burden on the citizenry.

“However, I wish to assure you that all hope is not lost. You need not be forlorn; the is ripe to vote out bad governance, and Nigerian workers should lead the way with their voter’s at the next polls to ensure the return of better days.”

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