2023: SDP, a viable option to APC, PDP misrule — Adewale

2023: SDP, a viable option to APC, PDP misrule — Adewale


—-Disowns South-West meeting by expelled members

—- Attack on National Secretary, Dr Agunloye, unfounded, in bad faith

Dayo Johnson Akure

D Social Democratic SDP is now a viable option for the electorates seeking an alternative to the of the two major political parties, the All Congress and People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

Ondo state Chairman of the party, Hon Stephen Adewale said this in a rejoinder to disown a meeting reportedly by some expelled members of the party under the auspices of “South West SDP Stakeholders” in Ibadan, Oyo state.

D members in the Ibadan meeting had advised aspirants, who wish to contest on the platform of the party ahead of the 2023 general elections not to purchase expression and nomination forms yet.

But Adewale, in his reaction, wondered why those claiming to be members of the SDP would tell hopefuls not to fly the party’s flag.

D Chairman said that ” We, therefore, take strong exceptions to the false innuendo being around by expelled members of our party.

He pointed out that the party’s in the national and the
“remains united and solidly committed to the task of building the party as a viable choice for the people in the states seeking an alternative to the and PDP misrule.

“D party has never been more united than it is now, as new members join in significant numbers on a daily basis.

“Nigerians are beginning to regard the SDP as a viable option to the two major political parties that have the since 1999.

D party’s Chairman also took exception to the attack on the party’s National Secretary, Dr Olu Agunloye by the expelled members in the Ibadan meeting.

Adewale declared that the party would not take kindly to the “attack on our respected National Secretary’s personality, attempt to the Social Democratic Party’s name and on the altar of politics.

According to the chairman ” Agboola, the expelled state Secretary of the party in Ondo state and his ’ constant on the of our National Secretary and the integrity of our great party are unfounded, in bad faith, and obviously libellous.

He noted that their “reckless and allegations against the National Secretary is unfortunate and an insult to our Leader’s -earned reputation which he has strongly maintained.

“As a two- former Minister of the Federal Republic of Federal Republic of Nigeria, his age and in the politics and other walks of life set him out as a distinguished citizen of this great country.

Adewale, therefore, said that ” We further make it that the accusation of tyrannical leadership levelled by Dr. Olu Agunloye’s traducers are mere fabrications intended to smear and taint our noble leader and should be disregarded entirely.

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