2023 presidency: Olufemi Ajadi formally joins NNPP

, a young determined to rule Nigeria, has formally joined one of the parties in the country, the New Nigeria People’s Party ().

The decision was finally made official after weeks of strategic planning, , and meetings with interested stakeholders.

The official signing took place in Abuja yesterday and saw Ajadi meeting with party leaders at the NNPP secretariat.

Ajadi who was accompanied by delegates and supporters from Lagos and Ogun states was surprised to see another team of supporters already standing by at the party secretariat.

Olufemi Ajadi with his supporters in Abuja

The supporters who carried his posters and banners burst into a frenzy the moment his entourage arrived, and began to sing and dance.

Speaking to journalists later, Ajadi said the successful joining and declaring for the NNPP meant that he was now to the realization of his dreams of impacting the nation using public office.

He said the decision to join the NNPP followed diligent and wide consultations, and that it was informed by the fact that the NNPP represented the right platform to realize his agenda of transforming the country.

“This is one political party which has manifesto and agenda similar to what we have run with all these while.

“It is one platform that I believe has something for the teeming Nigerian whom I represent first and foremost and all other Nigerians.

“The NNPP is one party that would provide us the platform to deliver dividends of democracy and value to the generality of the Nigerian people.

“I am therefore calling on Nigerian youths to be ready. The time has now come to make that desired change that we have been clamoring for”.

Ajadi said he had begun meetings with the party leadership and other people of importance on how best to impressive results in the upcoming elections, urging his supporters to in.

He said he was ready to mobilize needed resources towards achieving the mandate of taking of the leadership of the country, and that anyone who wanted good things for the country should join him and the NNPP.

“What we, the Nigerian youths have fought for during the is about to materialize.

has given this country what it needs to be great; this is the time to harness those things and truly make Nigeria great.

“I, therefore, urge Nigerian youths from the East to the , to the South to rally round this party so that we can bring about the desired change for our country”.

Ajadi who later led his team to a courtesy on another contender in the party, Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, said the 2023 election would be a momentous one for the country.

He said it would the change of political batons on different posts across different states in the country.

According to him, the NNPP was set to make history also using the of emergent Nigerian youths.

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