2023: People With ‘Experience’ Have Failed Nigeria – Lamido


Alhaji Sule Lamido, a governorship contestant on the Peoples Democratic (PDP) platform in Jigawa State, has stated that the search for experience in leadership has not yielded the desired results.

In an to journalists in Abuja, the of the former Governor of Jigawa challenged previous to demonstrate the value of their expertise in terms of and on people’s lives.

As a result, the governorship candidate stated that the country requires who are passionate about leadership and who understand the people’s hurts and desires.

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Mustapha said, “People always talk about experience, but I ask, those that have ruled with their so-called experience where have they taken us? Where are we today? The current administration that people to have so much experience that would take Nigeria out of , and make Nigeria stable, where have they taken the country to?”

“What we need is for leadership. In Jigawa we need people that are committed to down to the grassroots, leadership that has a passion for people’s . Most of the leaders that have this so-called experience, if you look at their they have been there for decades recycling themselves while they have taken Nigeria back to the Stone Age with their greed.

“What have their experiences done to the narratives? We that have been brought up from the house of leadership, have been at the grassroots level. We can communicate with the masses, we understand their pains, we them, know what their troubles are. We are the people that can communicate with them hence we are the right people to take over leadership for the right governance.”

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