2023: Buhari should remove Emefiele if he fails to resign –…

2023: Buhari should remove Emefiele if he fails to resign –...

of Ondo State has that Emefiele should as the Governor of the Central Bank of Republic of Nigeria, .

Akeredolu said this while describing the news of Emefiele’s purchase of Declaration of Intent and Nomination Forms to for the office of the President as shocking.

He asked that President Muhammadu should remove Emefiele as the CBN Governor if he to resign, warning that such , if unchecked, timeously, portends great to the fragile of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

of the statement read: “Rumors had been rife on the subterranean partisan activities linked to him through these shadowy characters in the recent . Pictures of branded vehicles, ostensibly purchased for electioneering campaigns, were also posted on social media.

“The by those who claimed to be this interest have been unsettling.This latest news confirms that the Governor may indeed be interested in immersing himself in the murky waters of politics like any other Nigerian with partisan interests.

“Consequently, we admonish Mr Emefiele to leave the office, immediately, for him to pursue his interest. He cannot combine partisan politics with the very delicate assignment of his office.

“Should he refuse to quit, it becomes incumbent on the President and Commander-in- of the Armed Forces to remove him forthwith. This is a joke taken too far.”

Akeredolu stressed that although Emefiele a constitutionally protected right to belong to any group or association just as any Nigerian, “The combined effect of the Public Service Rules, CBN and the 1999 Constitution, as amended, exposes not only the oddity inherent in this brash exercise of presumed right to associate. It also confirms the illegality of the should he proceed to submit the forms while occupying the seat as Governor of the Central Bank of
Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

2023: Buhari should remove Emefiele if he fails to resign – Gov. Akeredolu

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