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2023: Bola Tinubu and enemies of his life-time ambition – Pegars News

2023: Bola Tinubu and enemies of his life-time ambition – Pegars News

Will Tinubu be ready to escape his opponents’ traps and accomplish his life’s aim? I don’t know the reply to this. I’ve learn the opinions of the Jagaban of Borgu kingdom’s major adherents as nicely. Their views solely served to strengthen the case for acceptance and potential success if elected. Nobody was ready to definitively predict if the famend figurehead for progressive politics in the south-west zone will succeed in his targets.

I am not unfamiliar with Tinubu’s political technique. Actually, as a candidate, he has by no means misplaced a ballot. He was elected to the Senate throughout the temporary Third Republic.

As the first governor of Lagos State following the restoration of civil rule, he gained the governorship election in January 1999 by defeating aspirants like Funsho Williams and Wahab Dosunmu at the Alliance for Democracy (AD) guber major.

Tinubu will break three curses if he wins the 2023 presidential election with good luck. He will be the first native politician from the south-west area to have defied all obstacles and efficiently manipulated regional politics into the Aso-Rock. He would grow to be Nigeria’s first non-Ogun native president and the first two-term governor of a south-western state.

Some political pundits have expressed skepticism on Bola Tinubu’s possibilities of successful the 2023 election. Will Tinubu be ready to escape the pitfalls that claimed the political lives of his function fashions in politics? Because of the political upheaval, Obafemi Awolowo and Moshood Abiola Kasimawo (MKO) have been each unable to fulfill their lifelong targets. None of the two ever briefly held the presidency of Nigeria.

Following his announcement that he would really like to run for president in 2023, Tinubu skilled a protracted wave of extreme criticism that by no means stopped. He was requested a quantity of scathing questions concerning his upbringing, training, and work. The opponents of his life’s work go past politicians who signify the pursuits of different events, it turns into clear upon nearer inspection.

There are sure political figures that as soon as sat at the similar desk as him but declined to assist Tinubu win the presidency. He engaged in political battle with sure present gamers and they selected not to accompany him on his ascent to Aso-Rock.

Some of the strategic gamers who helped him win in the previous are now silent. To stop him from attaining his life aim, these shut associates have banded collectively with rivals from different events, together with enemies he has amassed over the years as a end result of his lively involvement in politics. They all remained silent as a result of they both had no confidence in his skill to lead Nigeria or they didn’t share his values.

However, Tinubu views the 2023 presidential election as greater than only a race. He hopes to accomplish two targets at as soon as. He breaks data and aspires to be president. Why is he utilizing the similar methods that failed his seniors when enjoying his last political playing cards? He solely desires to ship a message.

What Obafemi Awolowo and Moshood Abiola Kasimawo (MKO) have been unable to do can be completed. He wished to create a statue of the first political thriller who rose to the presidency via regional politics in addition to ruling Nigeria.

Aside from political disagreements, he has created animosity with Awolowo devotees who assume no one ought to be extra achieved than him. If Tinubu wins the presidency, he will have outdone Awolowo in phrases of political success.

Along with taking on the politics of the south-west and putting in his buddies one by one in south-west states, Tinubu achieved greater than solely grow to be the governor of Lagos. The presidency was by no means held by Obafemi Awolowo.

The emergence and declaration of the “lord” of Lagos politics would additionally offend some tribalistic elite who solely want the subsequent president to come from Ogun State, the similar state that produced regional chief Obafemi Awolowo, president and head of state Olusegun Obasanjo, interim president Ernest Shonekan, and vp Yemi Osinbajo, two-time vp of the nation. If Ogun State is not the fortunate goal and this vital workplace is designated to the south-west, these elites favor any tribe.

Ogun native and 1979 presidential candidate Obafemi Awolowo chosen Philip Umeadi as his operating mate. They each recognized as Christians and have been natives of the nation’s South. Baba Gana Kingibe was chosen by Ogun native and presidential candidate Moshood Olawale Kasimawo (MKO) as his operating associate in the 1993 election. Each is a Muslim.

Given the horrible place the nation is in proper now, Tinubu is beginning a extra harsh, troublesome, and difficult political mission. To pursue his life aim, he is towing a extremely precarious and delicate framework. Both Tinubu and Shettima, his rival, are Muslims.

Will Tinubu be ready to keep away from political pitfalls, in contrast to his elders?

In addition to combating opponents from different political events, Tinubu would additionally purge his house of political parasites who help his politics of pockets. Additionally, he should free his tail from the traps set by the political snoops with whom he shares a tent. Before persuading Nigerians, he should repair his leaking roofs if he actually desires to win and set data.

A clearer look into the matter reveals that shut associates who have shared good or dangerous moments with him in the previous and now in battle with his ambition launch scathing tales about him whereas his opponents from different political teams amplify these tales.

Bola Tinubu, in all honesty, is a really contentious particular person with a murky previous. Bola Tinubu’s anecdote is a typical one amongst Nigerian politicians. They don’t have impeccable or clear data. Nigerian politicians thrive on solid profiles, from certificates scandals to forgeries. Bola Tinubu does not stand out.

This is a major problem for him, in my opinion. It is essential how he plans to change Nigerians’ perceptions of the publicly accessible data. It is additionally vital how he plans to win in 2023 presidential election. Will he be ready to scale via traps?

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